The UNITY Pledge

   UNITY Pledge is a concerted effort by Arizona businesses and individuals to advance workplace equality and equal treatment in housing and hospitality for Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgender (LGBT) individuals and their allies.  The business community and like-minded individuals understand that if we want to compete for top talent, we must have diverse and inclusive workplaces.  UNITY Pledge was created by ONE Community, a member-based coalition of Arizona businesses and individuals dedicated to growing Arizona’s economy and otherwise improving our community. 

The goal of UNITY Pledge is simple: encourage at least 10,000 Arizona businesses and organizations to stand up for diversity.  Businesses and organizations of all sizes who sign the UNITY Pledge publicly join thousands of other businesses and organizations that support workplace equality and equal treatment in housing and hospitality.  


Not much has changed in 50 years!

The UNITY Pledge was created because of the overwhelming outpouring of support that ONE Community received from business leaders following our Spotlight on Success Local Heroes Awards Ceremony in October 2012.

During the ceremony, ONE Community featured Karen and Nelda—an amazing lesbian couple that have been in a committed relationship for 55 years.  Karen shared with us through a video shown at the ceremony how 50 years ago individuals could be fired from their job solely because they were gay.  In 2013, it is still legal in Arizona and 28 other states to fire someone simply because they are gay or transgender.  It is also perfectly legal to discriminate on the same basis in housing and hospitality.

This makes little sense when you understand that LGBT people make up a combined $830 billion in spending each year in the US.  These professionals, families, and individuals are also some of the most talented in their industries.  Moreover, according to a report from the Center for American Progress, workplace discrimination against LGBT employees costs businesses $64 billion each year.  Smart businesses want to attract LGBT professionals and travelers. Smart businesses value diversity and know that we have a responsibility to treat this community with the same dignity and respect as other communities.

We’re sure you’ll agree that Arizona’s economic success depends upon great talent, and diversity is our greatest strength. Protecting LGBT Arizonans is the right thing to do and we know we can count on you to stand up in support of LGBT workplace, housing, and hospitality equality by taking the UNITY Pledge.

We stand in UNITY, we are ONE Community.  Take the Unity Pledge!