Posted by ONE Community on 04/04/2017

ONE Community launches billboard campaign

ONE Community launches billboard campaign

ONE Community, a member-based coalition of businesses, organizations and individuals who support and promote diversity, inclusion and equality for all Arizonans partnered up with several companies to launch a billboard campaign.

These companies include Barrio Café, GoDaddy, Community Tire, Devereux, Fast Signs and KEO Marketing. The 14 billboards owned by Texas-based Clear Channel Outdoor will be on display all over Phoenix and will generate an estimated 28,800,000 impressions, according to the Phoenix Business Journal.

Katee Van Horn, vice president of engagement and inclusion at GoDaddy said she is proud to work for an organization that is fully inclusive and has non-discrimination policies.

“Our employees know they are judged on their performance – nothing more, nothing less. They never have to fear that they can be fired simply for being who they are. We want that for all Arizonans, regardless of where they work,” Van Horn Said.

The campaign officially began April 3 following the Phoenix Pride celebration.

ONE Community has been raising awareness that LGBT inclusion and protections is important for the state and its economy since its inception in 2008. The organization launched the UNITY Pledge in 2013 and it is now the largest pledge in the nation, with more than 2,000 businesses and organizations like Fry’s Food Stores, Yelp, Uber, PetSmart and the Phoenix Business Journal that signed in support of inclusivity and equality in the workplace.

Only five municipalities in the state have ordinances that ban discrimination, leaving the rest of the state without laws that protect individuals from being fired or discriminated against in housing and public accommodations for being who they are.

While Phoenix was still able to host the NCAA championship this past weekend, ONE Community “warns that our lack of state legislation protecting LGBT individuals could hurt our ability to attract mega events,” the Phoenix Business Journal said.

Read more at the Phoenix Business Journal.

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