Posted by ONE Community on 01/13/2017

Mesa Welcomes Diversity Through the UNITY Pledge

AZ Central reported that the City of Mesa adopted the UNITY Pledge; a pledge signed by more than 2,300 Arizona businesses and organizations and nearly 8,500 individuals to promote equal treatment in the workplace, housing and public accommodations for all Arizonans. Mayor John Giles stated it will "send a message that Mesa welcomes Diversity."

Giles told AZ Central it isn't likely the city will adopt an anti-discrimination ordinance any time soon, but will work with surrounding areas for a state-wide solution. "A better way to address this issue is at a statewide level. ... The issues of human rights and religious freedom, those are not issues that are unique to one city," Giles is quoted saying in the article.

Read more at AZ Central.

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