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Thought that you were locked into your current Medicare Advantage plan?  THINK AGAIN. 

Think of us as an exclusive team of physicians, nurse practitioners and healthcare specialists coming together with one goal in mind – delivering high-quality personalized care by exploring possibilities that others have ignored.

Now imagine having convenient access to this hands-on clinical team through the CareMore Care Centers, which we establish right in the heart of the communities we serve.  To learn more about our services and benefits, please stop by the CareMore booth today.

“Healthy body, mind and spirit”… CareMore Wellness Activities

If you are looking for community activities that are geared towards the health and wellness for your organization, CareMore is here to help.  CareMore, a Medicare Advantage Program founded by Physicians that has brought numerous presentations and activities to the Senior Population; With the goal to help them stay healthier and happier.  These programs can be scheduled at your meeting location or at one of our four convenient Care Centers.  Call to reserve your date, time and program.  Senior groups across the Valley have enjoyed the following programs: 

1. “Drumming Sounds” with Andrew Ecker

Description:  Drumming Sounds is a full service wellness and recreational musical events company. The Drumming Sounds team is all about the people we serve for us it is about holding the space for an individual to explore their role in the community to give license and empowerment to create a vehicle where demographics fade and people connect. We change communities and bring people together and we can do it for your business, family, church organization and/or friends. No prior musical experience is required. Instruments are provided.

Program Time: 60 minutes

2.  “Tai Chi” 

Description:  Promotes the integration of mental, emotional and physical health. The class teaches flexibility, strength and cardiovascular health through low impact aerobic movement. The program also cultivates enhanced circulatory function and digestion. Terri Wesson, and Donna Adler

Program Time: 60 minutes

3. “Laughter Wellness” with Laurie Nathanson

Description:  Features of the Laugh Program were derived from Hasya Yoga (Laughter Yoga) 

and supported by modern science. No difficult body postures are taught, only to learn to enjoy the value of laughter in a supportive environment. Jokes are not used; only the joy of laughing. Come and discover how laughter really is “The Best Medicine”

Program Time: 60 minutes

 4.  “Nutrition and/or Diabetes Education” 

Description:  Informative nutritional information and food demos are available to those that might be cooking for one, or cooking on a budget or perhaps living with Diabetes or Heart Conditions. Bilingual presentations and demos are available.  Debbi Polisky and Daisy Anthem

Program Time: 60 minutes

5.  “Zumba Gold” 

Description:  Show aging who’s boss with the Zumba Gold program. You can try a live Zumba Gold class and get grooving’ with exciting dance-fitness workouts featuring upbeat Latin and world rhythms. We also provide those who are interested the option to enjoy our “Chair Zumba.” Karen Helm, Ana Daubeterre

Program Time: 60 minutes

6. “Learn how to Coupon” with Melissa Hurst

Description:  A program that is dedicated to helping families and Seniors to find quality products, HOT deals, store savings, and money saving tips from local grocery stores and manufactures in AZ. 

Program time: 60 minutes 

7. “Mobile Farmers Market” with Diana Gregory

Description:  Mobile unit that brings fresh local produce to the valley. 


8. “Ageless Aerobic Dance” with KT LaSalla

Description:  FINALLY, a class and Instructor and Choreographer who understands the concerns, lack of movement and motivation that so many of  the 55+ generation experiences as she helps numerous people daily  enjoy exercise and its benefits.


In Addition to programs we also provide and support the following activities:

Birthday Celebrations


Ice Cream Social

Coffee and Donuts

Day of Beauty/Grooming

Movie Events

Massage for seniors

Exercising your Brain Presentations

Medicare 101 Presentations

Low- Income Aid Presentations

Summer Safety Presentation

Fall Prevention Presentation

Dodging the Donut Hole Presentation

Personal Defense

Shred a thon

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