New group fitness studio open in Central Phoenix, In the RA Fitness

New group fitness studio open in Central Phoenix, In the RA Fitness

Featuring only the hottest fitness trends with state-of-the-art sound system and club lighting.

PHOENIX—New up and coming group fitness studio, In the RA Fitness opened its doors February 13, 2012. Located at 4524 N 7th Street, it features the latest trends in group fitness.

“We wanted to create a safe place for people wanting to just workout and have fun without worrying what their fitness level is or what they are wearing. We welcome the beginner and uncoordinated with open arms” says co-owner Serina Kappes. “I remember what it was like being the biggest girl in Zumba class and paranoid everyone behind the glass window was mocking my jiggle at the gym”.

In the RA Fitness offers the latest in group fitness such as Zumba Fitness®, Shake Weight®, Flirty Girl Fitness®, Hip Hop, Teen FUNk, Burlesque, Belly Dancing, Bollywood, Yoga and more. In the RA Fitness is the first gym/studio to feature the revolutionary stationary bike that rotates 20 degrees left and right, RealRyder® Indoor Cycling.  The goal is to make the classes fun and calorie blasting with a state-of-the-art sound system and club lighting.

About In the RA Fitness

In 2009 Co-owner, Serina Kappes, had a life-changing event happen to her at her heaviest weight of 234 lbs…she took a Zumba Class.  She realized she had lost herself in her very stressful marketing business and wanted to get back to fitness. She became Zumba®  certified at 218 lbs and realized she was able to reach the students who were just like her, overweight and embarrassed to attend a class with huge windows facing everyone else in the gym and not seeing anyone that didn’t look like her. Her dream was to have a studio that would create a place for the person who didn’t quite fit in at “those places”, a safe place where judgment wouldn’t be passed on your size, rhythm, clothing, or gender. Sherin Sakr had the dream of adding the title Entrepreneur to her already impressive resume of corporate attorney. As a Zumba enthusiast herself, she felt that creating a business that combined her enjoyment of dance and helping people was the perfect combination. Sherin is Egyptian, thus came the name of RA (the ancient Egyptian god of the sun representing life, health, and protective power). We all have an inner god or goddess inside.