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‘Religious freedom is a cloak for prejudice’ - February 2014

Downtown leaders oppose SB 1062 by hanging 'open for business to everyone' signs - February 2014

Veto Likely For Anti-Gay Bill - February 2014

Businesses band together against SB 1062 - February 2014

After SB 1062 Backlash, Gay Rights Advocates Help Businesses Declare They Are Open To All - February 2014

Ariz. business leaders urge veto of religion bill - February 2014

Arizona business groups overwhelmingly opposed to SB 1062 - February 2014

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Human Rights Campaign partners with ONE Community for first LGBT Workplace Inclusion Conference - January 2014

LGBT Equality: Human Rights Campaign Recognizes Phoenix's Efforts - November 2013

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Same Sex Marriage In Arizona Put On Hold - September 2013

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